Tokyo Tanaka Tei

(For 2~3 wolves)

Shrimp 12~15
Garlic (big) Two cloves
Herb salt One teaspoon
Olive oil As needed


  • Make preparations first. Cut off the vein and end of the tail of the shrimp.
    *Do not forget to do this, especially for imported shrimps.
  • Put the prepared shrimps into a bowl, add one grated clove of garlic and about one teaspoon of herb salt and work them into the shrimp well. Once you have worked them in, add enough olive oil to soak the shrimps' entire bodies, mix, cover with wrap and put in the refrigerator to allow the seasoning to sink in.
    *If possible, it is best to marinade for 6~12 hours.
  • Now then, let's start the final stage. First, finely chop one clove of garlic and fry with plenty of olive oil.
    *Those who like their food slightly spicy can add sweet chilli peppers or red peppers according to their preference.
  • At last, add in the shrimpies. You should make sure to fry both sides properly! Once they are thoroughly cooked, add some salt for seasoning and the dish is complete. You can also squeeze some lemon depending on your preference!
    1* If you let them sit for a long time after preparing them, just a bit of salt is okay.

Tokyo Tanaka-tei has opened, what with it being summer and the sea and Hawaii. Me being pure, I've recently taken to thinking about tropical food...
The commemorable first volume, looking at the layout of this page, should be Japanese food, right? I betrayed the predictions of the staff to present garlic shrimp! It's really delicious!
Prepare a salad and bucket as well and give it a try, roar!

PS: You're in a band, and you cook? Seriously? And other complaints are not accepted, LOL

*At Tokyo Tanaka-tei, we specially bring to you wolf language translated into Japanese.