Terms of Use

SKIYAKI Inc. (hereinafter “Our Company”) hereby stipulates the following terms of service (hereinafter “TOS”) pertaining to the use of service of the website “FUN WITH A MISSION (URL:, hereinafter, “FWAM”)” for member of artist presented by Our Company being outsourced from FYD inc. acting as the agent of artist called “MAN WITH MISSION”, hereinafter “MWAM”). Member who completed his/her registration to FWAM shall be deemed to have consented to the content of TOS.

1. (Application and Change of TOS)

  1. 1.TOS shall apply to the entire engagement pertaining to the use of service of FWAM by member (defined in Article 2).
  2. 2.Use of Service etc. of individual services separately stipulated by Our Company aside from TOS and additional terms of service being notified to member by Our Company on need basis (hereinafter, collectively “Individual TOS etc.”) shall constitute a part of TOS.
  3. 3.If the provision of Individual TOS etc. and the provision of the TOS differ from one another, provision of Individual TOS etc. shall prevail.
  4. 4.Our Company is allowed to revise the content of TOS without the prior notice to member.

2. (Member)

  1. 1.“Member” under TOS shall refer to a person who completed the admission procedure through FWAM through the method prescribed by Our Company by consenting to TOS, and a person accepted by Our Company, provided, however, that in some cases Our Company may reject the applicant’s request for admission based on our sole decision.
  2. 2.If a person requesting for admission is a person under 20 years of age, admission procedure shall be processed with the consent of the guardian through the method prescribed by Our Company.
  3. 3.Applicant for membership must submit notice to Our Company in an accurate manner concerning the matters specified by Our Company to be notified upon admission procedure (name/address/date of birth/telephone number/email address, etc.). In the event the applicant for membership submits a notice with description of false fact pertaining to the above matters upon admission procedure, based on Our Company’s sole decision, said applicant will be forced to lose his/her membership even after completing the admission procedure.

3.(Valid Term of Member Qualification)

The valid term of member qualification shall commence on the registration date, and shall be indefinite from that point forward.

4. (Member Benefit)

  1. Member is entitled to receive the benefits listed in the following items.
    1. (1)Viewing/listening of contents exclusive to members
    2. (2)Advance sale of concert ticket (please note that this benefit entails being able to purchase ticket earlier then the time of general sale, and it is not intended to always guarantee good seat).
    3. (3)Aside from the above items, member exclusive policy being added by Our Company from time to time.

5. (Member Obligation)

  1. 1.Member shall be responsible in managing his/her log-in ID and password given to member from Our Company.
  2. 2.Member may not allow third party to use log-in ID and password, and may not engage in transactions such as lend, transfer, change the name, purchase and sale etc.
  3. 3.Member shall be liable for inadequate management of log-in ID and password, error upon usage, damage caused by use of third party, and Our Company shall be free from any liabilities.
  4. 4.In the event log-in ID or password is stolen, or if member becomes aware that it was being used by third party, member shall immediately contact Our Company through most direct and immediate means, and if instructed by Our Company, member shall comply with said instruction.
  5. 5.Member shall guarantee that the notified content upon admission procedure is true and correct, and if change is made to the notified content, change procedure shall be performed in a prompt manner through the method prescribed by Our Company, or apply at FWAM.
  6. 6.Our Company shall be free from any and all liabilities with respect to damage arising from circumstance such as non-arrival of notice from Our Company and not being able to receive FWAM service etc. caused by member neglecting to submit the notice stated in the above paragraph.

6. (Prohibited Matters)

  1. 1.Member is not allowed to engage in acts such as reproducing/using/transmitting/disclosing/quoting/etc. beyond the scope of personal use permitted by the Copyright Law with respect to the entire data (information, portrait, document, writing, illustration, etc.) obtained through FWAM.
  2. 2.Member is not allowed to re-sell/sell benefit, performance ticket, goods etc. obtained through FWAM to third party through internet etc. In the event such act is identified, there may be a case whereby said member will be forced to withdraw his/her membership.
  3. 3.Member may not infringe upon property, privacy or portrait right of artist or other third party, or engage in act that has potential for said infringement.
  4. 4.Member may not slander artist or other third party, or damage honor or credibility of said artist or other third party, or engage in act that has potential for said slander or damage.
  5. 5.Member may not demand artist to contact or meet with the member, or make request to Our Company to contact or meet artist.

7. (Membership Withdrawal)

  1. 1.If member requests to withdraw his/her membership, he/she must log into the member page of FWAM and undergo prescribed procedure.
  2. 2.With respect to the payment of product etc. purchased through the member benefit whereby the payment obligation has already arisen at the point of membership withdrawal, member is obligated to make payment for said product etc. even after withdrawing from his/her membership.
  3. 3.In the event member violates TOS, or if member inflicts damage on artist, FWAM, other member, or Our Company, the entire service of FWAM may be discontinued for said member or said member may be forced to withdraw his/her membership.

8. (Handling of Personal Information)

Our Company shall comply with the separately stipulated privacy policy, with respect to the matters pertaining to the handling of member’s personal information under Our Company.

9. (Change etc. of Service Content)

  1. 1.Our Company may change FWAM member’s benefit and other services without any prior notice to member.
  2. 2.In the case of the above paragraph, Our Company shall send a subsequent notice to member in writing or through email.

10. (Suspension of Service)

In the event of arising of circumstance that makes it not possible to present FWAM service due to act of God or other force majeure reasons, Our Company may suspend or discontinue FWAM service. In such event, Our Company shall promptly send notice to member through email.

11. (Disclaimer)

In the event member or third party incurs damage caused by member’s use of FWAM service or reasons between providing of FWAM service and suspension of providing of service set forth in Article 10, Our Company shall be exempt from any and all liabilities so long as the damage is not caused by intentional act or gross negligence of Our Company.

12. (Discussion Matter)

With respect to the matter not stipulated in TOS or if doubt arises to the interpretation of TOS, member and Our Company shall resolve said issue in good faith through discussion.

13. (Governing Law and Jurisdictional Court)

The governing law of TOS shall be the laws of Japan, and if it becomes necessary to file a legal action related to TOS between member and Our Company, according to the amount of controversy, Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court shall serve as the agreement jurisdictional court of the first hearing.

SKIYAKI Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) sets forth the following Terms of Use regarding the usage of services provided by the Company.

Article 1. Definitions

  • 1.“ID Service” denotes the service in which the Company gives the User an individual ID (FWAM ID) to use the service (hereinafter referred to as the “Specific Service”) which the Company designates from other services provided by the Company. The ID service makes it possible for the User to use the Specific Service in regard to various artists in a cross-sectional way with a single ID without re-registering information of the User.
  • 2.“User” denotes a person or party that accesses the websites that provide the ID Service and the Specific Service (hereinafter referred to collectively as the “Services”).

Article 2. Matters to Be Observed

  • 1. The purpose of the Terms of Use is to set forth the rules the User must abide by in order to use the Services provided by the Company. The User shall comply with the Terms of Use in order to use the Services. The person or party who uses the Services shall be deemed as to having agreed to the contents of the Terms of Use.
  • 2.Notifications to the User on the ID Service page or any other guidance, notifications, messages or announcements in regard to the Services from the Company shall constitute an integral part of the Terms of Use.
  • 3.The Company may notify the User of information about the Services by email or through notification on the website.

Article 3. Registration

  • 1.The User shall agree to provide the Company with certain information as specified by the Company to obtain the ID.
  • 2.To obtain the ID, the User shall register his/her/its true and accurate information (hereinafter referred to as “Registration Information”) . If a change in personal information occurs, the User shall promptly change the Registration Information, in the manner prescribed by the Company.
  • 3.The company reserves the right to refuse to provide an ID for any User in the event that:
    • (1) Any or all of the Registration Information provided by the User to the Company is not true and accurate;
    • (2) The Registration Information provided is not that of the registrant himself;
    • (3) The Registration Information pertaining to means of settlement cannot be confirmed or validated;
    • (4) The User was determined to have been in violation of the Terms of Use or other regulations of the Company;
  • 4.The User who is a minor shall obtain the User's legal representative’s consent (including, but not limited to the person who has parental authority) in advance to accepting or agreeing to these Terms of Use. The Company may deem the User who is a minor has obtained the User's legal representative's consent, provided that the User accepted or agreed to this Terms of Use.

Article 4. Fees

  • 1.The Company provides the User with the ID Service for free. However, the User shall bear the costs and fees for any telecommunication equipment, Internet service provider, construction and maintenance of telecommunication equipment, and Internet service to connect to the computer network.
  • 2. The User can check the usage fees for Specific Service on the website of those services, and so on.

Article 5.ID and Password Management

  • 1.The User shall be responsible for keeping and maintaining the User’s password and ID for the Services in an appropriate manner and shall be careful not to have either password or ID stolen or leaked.
  • 2.In the case that the Services provided by the Company are purchased or used by entering the User’s ID and password, the User himself is deemed to have purchased or used the Services, except for any reasons that should fall under the responsibility of the Company.

Article 6. User’s Information

  • 1.The Company may use the information (including, but not limited to name, address and e-mail address), which the User provided to the Company, (hereinafter referred to as "User's Information") as follows.
    • (1) to provide Services, guidance or response to inquiries relating to the Services;
    • (2) to provide guidance or introduction of the services and goods offered by the Company (including, but not limited to sending e-mails) or request to participate in surveys and questionnaires;
    • (3) to analyze the utilization of the Services, including, but not limited to User demographics.
    The Company shall not use the User's Information outside the scope of the above except when the Company obtains individual User consent. Additionally, the Company is also entitled to disclose the User's Information pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act or other applicable laws and regulations.
  • 2.The Company shall not provide any third party with the User's Information except as expressly provided in this Terms of Use or noted below:
    • (1) Required by the Personal Information Protection Act or other applicable laws and regulations;
    • (2) The Company receives a request for disclosure from a person or party that has legal authority;
    • (3) The Company recovers or protects the rights of the Company and the third party against imminent and unlawful infringement;
    • (4) The Company deems the need to disclose the User’s Information to a person or company entrusted with operations in the course of business of operating the Services; and
    • (5) The User’s Information is provided through a transfer of operations of the services to the third party by way of a business transfer or other similar transactions.
  • 3. The Company may jointly use the User’s Information as follows: 
    • (1) Party to Jointly Use the User’s Information:
      FYD inc.
    • (2) Items of the User’s Information to be Jointly Used:
      name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, other information provided by the User, usage history of the Services, and the information that the Company obtained from the third party in a manner that is legitimate and appropriate.
    • (3) Purposes of Joint Use:
      Same as in paragraph 1 in this article.
    • (4) Name of Party Responsible for the User’s Information:
      Name: SKIYAKI Inc.
      Address: HUMAX-SHIBUYA-BUILDING 3F, 1-14-6 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (Postal Code: 150-0043)

Article 7. Prohibition of ID Assignment

1. The User shall not assign, lend or let a third party use his/her ID.

2. The ID Service is the service for the User to use the Specific Service as one’s own. The User shall not use the ID Service for the purpose of obtaining profit or other commercial purposes.

Article 8. Inquiries

When the User makes inquiries about the Service of the Company, the User shall follow the procedure that the Company specifies in the specific service. The Company will not respond to inquiries that are sent in any other way. Further, there are some inquiries that the Company may not respond to individually depending on the contents.

Article 9. Suspension of Use


In this case, if the User has multiple User IDs, the Company may suspend and delete all of the User IDs: that the User, who conducts any of the following acts or any act that the Company determines falls under any of the following, has:

  • (1) Acts of breach of that violate the Terms of Use or acts of dishonesty;
  • (2) Acts of the breach of any laws or regulations (regardless of the name by which such social rules may be called), acts of violating public order and morality, acts apprehended to be violating these social rules, or acts of soliciting and inviting violations of these social rules;
  • (3) Acts of infringing the rights, including but not limited to Privacy rights and copyrights, of other third parties;
  • (4) Acts of collecting and accumulating information of the third parties;
  • (5) Acts of slandeing, intimidating, or browbeating the third party;
  • (6) Acts of causing uncomfortable feelings to the third party including, but not limited to indecent expression, discriminatory expression, violent expression, grotesque expression, or other impertinent expressions;
  • (7) Acts of encouraging or having a possibility to encourage discrimination or abhorrence against race, ethnicity, gender, religion or other social attributes;
  • (8) Acts of business including, but not limited to soliciting, acts of election campaigns, political activities, religious activities including, but not limited to missionary work;
  • (9) Acts of soliciting participation in the same activities from the third party including, but not limited to sending e-mails;
  • (10) Acts of impersonating the Company, the group corporation of the Company, the entruster, the artists, the trustee or the other party concerned;
  • (11) Acts of placing an excessive burden on the network or system of the Services or acts of interrupting the usage by the other Users;
  • (12) Acts of sending computer viruses or other hazardous computer programs;
  • (13) Acts of using and tampering with the data of the Services illegally;
  • (14) Acts of giving information which is false or cause misunderstanding to the Company;
  • (15) Acts of threatening to interrupt the operation of the Services;
  • (16) Acts of defaiming the Services and goods of the Company;
  • (17) Acts of offering the third party the User’s ID or password as a loan, assignment or pledge, or acts of changing the name of ID, giving the third party permission to use the ID, or accessing the website which the Company provides for commercial purposes;
  • (18) Acts of selling the goods that the User obtains through the Services including, but not limited to reselling or putting up for internet auction;
  • (19) Acts of using the information or works which are provided from the Services for the purpose of non-personal use, or acts of reprinting or posting to the public regardless of being within the network or not;
  • (20) Acts of obtaining the data in regard to the Services illegally, or acts of disclosing the data to the third party;
  • (21) Other acts that the Company deems to be inappropriate;
  • (22) The Company deems that the Company feels anxiety regarding the User’s credit;
  • (23) The User pays after the due date or defaults on charges for the goods or services which the User purchased through the Specific Service;

Article 10. Intellectual Property Rights

  • 1.All of the programs, software, trademarks and trade names which configure the Services, other associated intellectual property rights and other rights incidental therein, belong to the Company or the legitimate rights holders unless otherwise indicated.
  • 2.All of the information, which the User obtains by using the Service, shall not be allowed to be copied, published, broadcasted, or communicated to the public, and used beyond the scope of private use without prior and expressed consent of the Company or the legitimate rights holders.
  • 3.The User shall be liable to the Company for any damages incurred by the Company arising out of the information that the User provides the Company by using the Services.

Article 11. Suspension or Discontinuation of the Services

  • 1.The Company shall be entitled to, without any advance notice to the User, suspend or discontinue the Services by its own determination, in whole or in part in the event that:
    • (1) Inspection, maintenance, improvement or updates of the equipment and computer system for the Services that is significant to be performed due to urgent circumstances or at stated periods;
    • (2) The Company becomes unable to provide the Services due to circumstances outside of the Company’s control, including but not limited to fire, power blackouts and other natural disasters; or
    • (3) The Company determines that suspension or discontinuation is required for other operational or technical reasons, or determines it difficult for the Company to provide the Services due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • 2.Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for any losses or damages incurred by the User or the third party, arising out of suspension or discontinuation of the Services, in whole or in part, for any reason whatsoever.

Article 12. Warranty and Liability

  • 1.The Company makes no representation or warranty of any kind, expressed, or implied, with respect to the Service (including but not limited to any representation or warranty that the Services have accuracy, completeness, usefulness and/or reliability).
  • 2.The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the User or the third party arising out of delay, modification, discontinuance, cancellation, suspension or termination by the Company of the Services, leaking or disclosure of information transmitted by the User to the Services, or any damages in association with the Services incurred by the User or the third party.
  • 3.Provided that the User causes damage to a third party by using the Services, the User resolves the damages though the User’s own responsibility and finances and the User shall not cause any damage to the Company. In case the User should cause any damage to the Company by irregular practices, wrongful acts, or acts that violate the Terms of Use, the Company may demand compensation from the User.

Article 13. Termination

  • 1. The Company shall, at any time, be entitled to terminate the Services at its own discretion. Provided that the Company decides to terminate the Services, the Company shall notify the User in advance by sending an e-mail to the registered e-mail address, or shall announce in advance on the website in regard to the Services about any intended termination by the Company of the Services.
  • 2.By going through the procedures set forth in the preceding paragraph, the Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the User arising out of, or in connection with, any actions taken by the Company pursuant to this Article 16, except as provided in laws and/or regulations.

Article 14. Amendments

  • 1.The Company reserves the right to amend or change the Terms of Use. In case the User uses the Services after the Company announced such amendments and changes of the Terms of Use in regard to the Services, the User shall be deemed to have agreed to such amendments or changes to the Terms of Use.
  • 2.The Company shall not in any way be liable for any loss or damages incurred by the User because of the amendments and changes of the Terms of Use.

Article 15. Governing Law and Severability

  • 1.The Terms of Use shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
  • 2.In any provision of the Terms of Use or parts thereof are held to be invalid or unenforceable under the Consumer Protection Law and Regulations in Japan and other mandatory rules in Japanese laws and regulations, the remaining provisions herein shall remain in full force and effect.

Article 16. Disputes and Jurisdiction

In case any dispute arises between the Company and User in relation to the Services, it shall be settled between the Company and User after due consultation. Provided that the dispute shall not be settled after due consultation, the dispute shall be brought before the Tokyo District Court of Japan or Tokyo Summary Court for the first instance according to the jurisdictional amount.

Revised on May 20th, 2015